Unique modular Dragon Drone created by University of Tokyo

Dragon Drone

A development and research team based in the University of Tokyo’s Jouhou System Kougaku (JSK) Lab has created a very unique and innovative multicomponent drone aptly named the Dragon Drone. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Dragon Drone prototype and see it in action.

Dragon Drone

Comprising of multiple modules, each section has its own set of dual fans to provide thrust and can be angled to provide lift in any direction required. Each module is connected together using hinge joints allowing them to turn and rotate as needed without affecting other connected modules. The on-board battery pack is capable of providing up to 3 minutes of flight time and the system is controlled by Intel’s Euclid software development kit (SDK).

“The prototype seen here is comprised of four modules, with the Euclid running along its spine, regardless of shapes being formed. Currently, DRAGON can fly as a straight line, a square, an “L” shape, in a zig-zag shape, or a spiral. “

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The Drone U website explain a little more. “We thought this would be fun to show because it’s pretty cool and creative. University of Tokyo students built a drone from ducted fans that can transform to fit into unique spaces. Utilising a ducted fan model, the 12 piece drone can fly for up to 3 minutes and transform in flight. Amazing what you can do with drones, especially with such innovative thinking! “

Source: Drone U : Adafruit : Spectrum

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