Manmower dry razor beard trimmer from £21

Manmower dry-razor beard trimmer

A new dry-razor has been launched this month via Kickstarter aptly named the Manmower metro. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the smart stubble beard trimmer that requires no charging, additional products or batteries to function.

Manmower dry-razor beard trimmer

Equipped with two barrels of stainless steel blades scissor as you use the Manmower your hair progressively debt shorter to a fixed grade 0 length, “so the more you mow the more trimmed you become” say its designers. The development team behind the Manmower explain more about the inspiration behind it. “Manmower were fed up with male grooming devices. All too much hassle, too much mess, too much money, or too much waste. So we started from scratch.”

“Manmower is the biggest innovation in grooming tech since the safety razor. The marine handled manmower was named top 10 product of 2018 in the EDC category by leading design journal Yanko Design. The metro’s familiar and comfortable to use handle gives you the most effective way to mow your face so far – promoting a mowing action that naturally rolls the inner blades during mowing – for easy trimming and added comfort.”

Available from just £21 the Manmower is now available via Kickstarter and has been designed by a team based in Bristol, within the United Kingdom. For more details jump over to the Kickstarter project page via the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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